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We at Meshini are interested in the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. Sometimes our customers may have negative objections or opinions about the deals or about us or the companies that offer their products and services with us. We make sure that all the companies we deal with are of the highest quality to ensure that our customers will receive unforgettable offers and memories. When signing contracts and placing deals on the website, we make sure that the details of the contracts are as clear and detailed as possible. It is your responsibility as a member of our website to carefully choose and make sure, when purchasing from our website, that the transaction suits your needs, schedule, timing and details of the transaction. If your purchase depends on time, time, availability of other people to share your voucher, vouchers or the air, we at Meshini are not responsible for any change in atmosphere or in meeting with the subscriber. If you decide after a time that you do not need to use the coupon, give the coupon as a gift to an individual from your family or friend. We appreciate your purchase and follow up of our deals, but we are not responsible for the quality of service provided by the service provider or the product (the advertiser on the Meshini website) as the company is directly responsible for the quality of the service or product. Specific situations in order to reach a solution that would satisfy all parties concerned in the event of a complaint or dispute. If you have any comments, complaints or questions about any of our deals, please direct us through the link below. Contact Us If an ideal solution is not found, the refund will be considered as points that can be used to purchase our deals in the future. The Meshini site has the right to refund the money as such and is cross-posted on the site.< br/ > Refund will only be made via the same payment method first< br/ > In the event of any dispute or claim related to or related to the Site, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the law of the State of Saudi Arabia.< br/ > < br/ > Refund Tickets< br/ > Meshini is linked with the companies on the site to advertise their services. The contract with the companies states that the money is collected from the customers / buyers through us on behalf of the companies, and we distribute the tickets purchased for the use of services and goods through them at these companies. Companies are offering service or goods, not the Meshini site. Participating companies are responsible for providing services and goods. Meshini does not guarantee the quality of the goods or service provided, and Meshini provides promotional information provided by the companies participating in the ticketing. Please use caution when using tickets and the code on them. Any person who is given a ticket will be able to use it, and the ticket can not be replaced if it is used. If the Ticket is provided to the Company at the time of booking and is not used and goes to that reservation, the decision shall be returned to the Company concerned to consider the Ticket to be used or usable again if it is not present at the time of booking. Please be informed that your booking has been confirmed.< br/ > < br/ > Site Security< br/ > This site is secured and secured by SSL in addition to a mechanism to secure the site and payments. All financial transactions on the Site are protected against information theft. If you have any information regarding the security of the site and its financial transactions, please email us at the following e-mail address: Contact us here. Contact us here.< br/ > < br/ > Delivery Policy:< br/ > The Site shall not deal or provide any services or products to any of the countries prohibited by OFAC in accordance with the law of the State of Saudi Arabia. Multiple shipments shall result in multiple operations in the monthly statement of the Cardholder< br/ > < br/ > < br/ > < br/ > Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website< br/ > Meshini offers daily offers to its subscribers. When using the word "site" the site in question is Meshini and all the sites participating with it. By using this site, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions listed below automatically. - Users: Users of the site guarantee that they are above the legal age of 18 years, and that they have the legal right to use the site and automatically agree to the terms and conditions of use of the site and sites participating with us. - Conditions for the use of subscribers: 1) Agree to use the site for personal use only and not for commercial use. Subscribers agree that they will not disrupt the management of the Site in any way or use the Site in a manner that affects the use of the Site by other users.< br/ > 2) Use of the site is prohibited for any illegal purposes or in any way that may conflict with these terms and conditions. (3) modify, copy, distribute, transmit, publish, reuse, license or mimic any of the offers and transactions displayed on the Site is strictly prohibited.< br/ > < br/ > Site Terms: - Users agree to< br/ > (1) maintain all the logo and use of the site; and (2) maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the participants, their access details and all confidential information. 3) assume full responsibility for any results related to your use of the Site, including the use of your subscription by other persons or Persons under the legal age or illegal use. 4) Initiate notice to the Meshini team if any illegal or lawful use of the Site is detected or shared with us. Each user name and password must be used by one person and can not be transferred or used by more than one person or transferred to another person.< br/ > < br/ > Modifications: Meshini has the right to amend the terms of this contract from time to time. These modifications will be placed on the site and will be activated automatically. It will be automatically considered that the new terms and conditions have been approved when using the site or using any of the information found on the site after any changes to these terms.< br/ > < br/ > - Privacy Terms: Meshini maintains the personal data of subscribers in order to register the participants in the transactions and to complete the purchase if the transaction is confirmed on the site. The transaction will be confirmed only if sufficient number of subscribers has been subscribed within the time specified for the transaction. Meshini collects personal user information for use in future promotions and marketing campaigns. Meshini will not give any personal information or data to any other parties or companies. If personal or incomplete information is provided or incorrect, the user will not be registered and the subscriber will not be able to register and sign up for any transactions. Users are responsible for their data being correct. The user's personal data will be used by Meshini to communicate with subscribers to confirm that transactions have been paid for any comments and opinions from subscribers or to talk to users for their opinion on the general management of Meshini. Note that it will not give any of the details of the participants to third parties unless it has been allowed by the user. Users have the right to modify any personal information that has been given to Meshini.< br/ > < br/ > - Terms of e-mail: It is automatically assumed that when registering and subscribing to our site that the subscriber agrees to receive the registration email and confirmation of registration and also to receive information, promotions and marketing offers through the information bulletin of the site Meshini. E-mail is very important to confirm the purchase of transactions and will not be sent unless the user agrees to receive. If you have any problems or questions, please contact the following link: Contact us.< br/ > Info@meshini.com< br/ > - Reservations and Cancellation of Reservations: Meshini is committed to providing the best quality services to all interested parties and participants.< br/ > - Payments and costs: The participating companies will not charge any additional amounts to the users when registering the transaction participants when the transaction is liquidated, except the designated financial amount that is normally calculated to provide their services< br/ > - Publishing and licensing: The user has no right to use the copyright or any license related to Meshini. It is prohibited to use, modify, change or sell any of Meshini's content or any of the services provided by Meshini. The contents of the Meshini site may be changed by the administration directly. Any use of the Meshini content by users is authorized only for personal non-commercial use. - Copyright: All contents of Meshini are protected by copyright unless otherwise stated. No content will be allowed to be used unless specified in the Terms and Conditions. All contents of the site belong to Meshini and are protected under law.< br/ > < br/ > - Trademarks: The trademarks and logos displayed on the site belong to Meshini and / or Meshini partners in all countries (agents), unless otherwise stated. Meshini may display trademarks of partners on the site. It is strictly forbidden to use any of the trademarks of Meshini or any of the partners without the written consent and approval by the Meshini Website Administration and any of the website's partners. When you agree to use any information through the Site, copies of any information or trademarks that have been used on the Site must be provided. Failure to do so or any illegal or unauthorized use of any information may result in prosecution - Links to other sites: The Meshini site may have links to other sites. Meshini is not responsible for the content contained in links to other sites. Links to other sites are mentioned for more convenience to Meshini subscribers. - WARRANTIES: Meshini is not responsible for any damage to your device that may have occurred when you access the Meshini site via viruses or anything like that. Some information on the site may contain typographical, methodological or copying errors. The user acknowledges his participation and registration with us that in order to rely on any errors in the site will be at his overall responsibility. - You may receive an e-mail, or there will be contact via instant messaging (chat) and other methods. Your participation in these dialogues is at the same time and is not monitored and moderated by Meshini. Meshini is not responsible for any information or comments made by other subscribers. Meshini has the right to remove any comments or information that has been placed and is not in compliance with the laws of the site. The Site has the right to delete any comments or information made by subscribers without returning to the relevant subscribers.< br/ > < br/ > - Registration: You must sign up for the deals on the Meshini website. All required information must be provided in the manner specified on the website. Meshini reserves the right to cancel any subscription at any time if the terms and conditions mentioned herein are not met or if any of these terms and conditions are not complied with. By sharing with us, participants acknowledge that their data and information are complete and real. Subscribers must notify the Meshini site if there are any changes in their registration data. When registering, subscribers must choose their own user name and password.< br/ > < br/ > < br/ > - Unsubscribe: Subscribers or Meshini may cancel the right of any Subscriber to use the Site with or for no reason or notice. The items listed here will apply even if the site has been unsubscribed.< br/ > < br/ > - Liability: Meshini and its affiliated companies are not liable for any loss, damage, personal injury or death that may occur during or in connection with any of the following:< br/ > 1) any misinformation provided by users 2) any use of Meshini 3) any use of the Services or Goods made available through Meshini or any of the companies associated with Meshini. 4) any act, whether negligent or not by the Meshini site or any of the companies associated with Meshini 5) any failure to provide, delay or delay the Service or the goods, whether or not linked to the inability to benefit from the offer and service Or inability to use and confirm the booking on Meshini 6) the service provided at any of the restaurants associated with Meshini, except for any responsibilities that can not be legally deleted. - Exemption from liability and compensation: through the participation with us, the liability and approval of the compensation mentioned below is exempted: 1) Meshini and any attached administrative body 2) any organizers, managers and employees of Meshini 3) any other participant, Employees in other companies and any personal injury, illness or death. All rights reserved to Meshini and its partners - The rights of companies participating in the offers: All the above conditions for exemption of liability and compensation apply to all employees of Meshini site, providing the services and providers of information and any person concerned may apply these instructions against others in any Time was by them personally. - Invite your friends Invite your friends to Meshini and get the cash to use it to buy our wonderful deals! Each new friend you invite to Meshini will receive the bonus when you register via your own link and buy their first 100-point deal on Meshini (provided that the value of the transaction they purchased is higher than SR 2,000)< br/ > < br/ > Terms and Conditions of Meshini - August / December 2018< br/ > < br/ > - How to communicate with Meshini:< br/ > Info@meshini.com< br/ > Notices will be answered under these terms via e-mail, via notice on the Meshini website or by mail. You can contact us at any time via the link or contact us here< br/ > Info@meshini.com< br/ > How to communicate with Meshini: Meshini will send you notices under these terms via email, via notice on Meshini or by mail. You can contact us at any time via the following link or contact us.< br/ > Info@meshini.com< br/ > - taxes:< br/ > From 1 January 2018, some Meshini tickets include VAT when applicable.